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Diving Adventures Tours In Alexandria

We offer archaeological diving in Alexandria (Mediterranean Sea) for open under water museum back to different eras for about 23 centuries searching for the secrets of Cleopatra's Empire, the sunken city of Alexandria and the great Lighthouse . A new brand unique experience full of excitement and discoveries.


A dive over the blocks of the lighthouse (one of the seven wonders of the world),which it shows how talented the Egyptian was in architecture.
Then another dive over a drown ship and its cargo in an old fleet route where we could see the Amphoras. This is where the ancient Egyptians used to reserve their food and drinks.


Under water you can find the first archaeological museum, which is called Cleopatra's Empire. It contains of; the old city of Alexandria with its colored palaces "Pharos City" and there are also Cleopatra's Palace and the walls of her sun boat. Nearby you can see the wrecks of a plan since the Second World War.


It was one of the oldest parts of Alexandria where flowed one of old the seven branches of the Great River Nile. There were three cities on the banks of this branch; Heraqelion, Eanotes and Kanobous, until a destructive earthquake took place. Now this branch is under the water and one of those cities has totally disappeared but the wrecks of the three cities are still there what make it an interesting site for diving.
There are also the wrecks of the Empire Napoliuon Bonapert’s fleet.


Program including:

o All dives will be between 25 and 45 minutes according to the weather conditions and to the site itself.
o All dives start from zodiacs, speeds boat or yachts according to the weather conditions.
o All weights and tanks.
o Lunch on Board.
o All domestic transfers from the hotel to the diving center and vice versa.
o Divers log book.
o Dive permission.
o Various languages speaking dive archaeological guide.
o Recompression Chamber fees.
o The under water diving fees (the lost city tickets).



Program excluding:

o All alcoholic beverages on board.
o Any extra equipments.

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